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2022 Rediscover: NAAP 
The Pajama Game - In Concert

After two challenging years, National Asian Artists Project (NAAP) is presented “The Pajama Game” in our Rediscover series–live and in-person! This series explores classic American musicals, with professional artists of API descent, proving that great works of theater speak to all communities.

Through this special concert presentation, directed by Cassey Kikuchi Kivnick and music directed by Joey Chancey, NAAP offers a novel view on this comedic love story set in the midst of a labor strike at a pajama factory. Leading the cast were Broadway veterans Sean McLaughlin and Rona Figueroa.

NAAP's Pajama Game was presented at:

Theater 315

315 W 47th St, New York, NY 10036

Monday, October 3 at 7:30pm

2020 Rediscover: NAAP 
Cinderella - In Concert

NAAP's Cinderella - In Concert was be presented at:


Ailey Citigroup Theater

405 West 55th Street

Monday, March 2 at 8pm

This concert presentation is directed by Alan Muraoka, music directed by Kristen Lee Rosenfeld, choreographed by Billy Bustamante, and will feature: Ali Ewoldt and Josh Dela Cruz as Ella and Topher!

Also featured, Carol Angeli, Hannah Balagot, Cáitlín Burke, Jordan De Leon, Josh Dela Cruz, Ali Ewoldt, Ann Harada, Kendyl Ito, Kevin Kulp, Jason Ma, Jaygee Macapugay, Mia Mooko, Anthony Obnial, James Seol, Kyra Smith, Matheus Ting, Vishal Vaidya, Kelli Youngman


This special Rediscover Series concert is a one night only presentation that shares the enduring enchantment of a timeless fairy tale with the classic charm and elegance of Rodgers and Hammerstein’s score.

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2018 Rediscover: NAAP & Prospect Theater Company

Music and lyrics by STEPHEN SONDHEIM

Directed by STEVEN ENG


National Asian Artists Project is proud to present our annual Rediscover Series, which explores classic musicals with professional artists of Asian descent, proving that great works of theater speak to all communities.

NAAP's INTO THE WOODS - In Concert was presented at

The TimesCenter (242 West 41st Street, NYC)

on Saturday, October 20th at 7:30pm.  

Through this special Rediscover Series concert presentation, directed by Steven Eng and music directed by Kristen Lee Rosenfeld, NAAP brings a new and unique voice to interpret a modern classic.  James Lapine and Stephen Sondheim's Tony Award-winning book and score interweaves favorite storybook characters, creating a timeless yet relevant piece on the power. We present this in an ongoing partnership with Prospect Theater Company

Rediscover 2017: NAAP & Prospect Theater Company


A New Musical in Concert

Book, music and lyrics by Jason Ma

Directed by Alan Muraoka

Musical Directed by Kirsten Lee Rosenfeld

Choreographed by Billy Bustamante

This original musical spins an epic love story, set against the backdrop of the 1860s construction of The Central Pacific Railroad, built by thousands of Chinese men. This is NAAP's second collaboration with the Obie-winning Prospect Theater Company as part of NAAP's Rediscover Series and Prospect’s IGNITE Series.

Saturday, October 21, 2017



240 West 41st St. (NY Times Building)                      

Rediscover 2016: Honor

HONOR: September  10, 2016 8:00 PM

at the TimesCenter at the New York Times Building.

NAAP was proud to announce its first collaboration with the Obie-winning Prospect Theater Company as part of NAAP's Rediscover Series and Prospect’s IGNITE Series. HONOR, a musical by Peter Mills and Cara Reichel. is a musical adaptation of Shakespeare’s comedy As You Like It, set in feudal Japan. 

2019 Discover: New Musicals

December 4, 2017 7:30pm 


by Yan Li
Director Robert Lee
Canadian surgeon Norman Bethune finds his passion and purpose renewed when he travels to 1930s China and aids the Communists in their struggle for liberation. Aided by his staff and local militiamen, he learns the price of belonging to two worlds and captures a glimpse of Mao's vision for the future.  


by Jessica Wu

Director Cassey Kivnick

"You, Me, I, We" is an exploration of the crazy and chaotic way our minds work - the voices that direct our everyday actions, the ones that knock us down with harsh thoughts and lift us back up with a song.  Take a journey inside the beautifully turbulent mind of Yu-Mei Wei. 


Music by Emily Chiu, Book/Lyrics by Ellen Mairin Johnston

Director Nina Zoie Lam

Two very different young women, on a hitchhiking trip across America, get detoured on the bayou when they're picked up by a local named Zookeeper.

2017 Discover: New Musicals

December 4, 2017 7:30pm 


Book/Lyrics Seth Christenfeld– Music Joseph Trefler

Direction by Cassey Kivnick & Musical Direction by Michael Ferrara

Featuring: Viet Vo*, Mari Uchida, Marc Delacruz*




Book/Lyrics - Yianni Papadimos

Direction by Nina Zoie Lam & Musical Direction by Mason Griffin

Featuring: Kai An Chee, Shelby Rebecca Wong*, Gen Parton Shin*, Ariel Estrada*, Kennedy Kanagawa*, Jensen Olaya*, Connor Johnston, Daniel Le, Cassandra Hlong, Stephanie Mieko Cohen*




Book/Lyrics/Music Andy Monroe

Direction by Richard Gammon & Musical Direction by Jeremy Rafal.

Featuring: Jordan De Leon*, Ysabel Jasa, Dave Resultan, Tomo Watanabe, Cinderella Mayo, Sam Tanabe*



Book/Lyrics- Keurim Hur

Music/Lyrics - Gianni Onori

Direction by Raul Aranas & Musical Direction by Yan Li.

Featuring: Paulina Yeung, Xiaoqing Zhang, Siobahn Sung

2016 Discover: New Musicals

December 12, 2016 7:30pm at the June Havoc Theatre 


John Herin (Book and Lyrics) and Frederick Alden Terry (Music)


Direction by Raul Aranas & Musical Direction by Jose C. Simbulan.

Buying Time is a one-woman musical about an American tourist, traveling in Europe, who becomes obsessed with the idea of buying an expensive Swiss watch.  As she agonizes over the pros and cons of her purchase, she begins to ponder other recent decisions she has made, and this self-examination leads her to unexpected discoveries.


Jason Purdy (Book and Lyrics) and Yan Li (Music)


Direction by Cassey Kivnick & Musical Direction by Michael A. Ferrara. There's always a new adventure to be had when Curtis and Balthazar put on their goggles and jump into their special car. But sinister forces conspire to tear them apart and put an end to their madcap hijinks. Together, they must hold on to what makes their partnership so magical because there's so much to see, and only they can decide when the ride is over.   



Kathleen Wrinn (Book and Lyrics) and Minhui Lee (Music)


Direction by Nina Zoie Lam & Musical Direction by Jarred Lee. Malcolm Coriander


A promising musician with intense stage fright, is one day away from his 28th birthday.  When he fails to perform at yet another open mic night, Malcolm decides the only musical group he could ever belong to is the infamous 27 Club, and so he prepares to throw himself off the nearest bridge. However, an unexpected birthday present from the local falafel cart owner and a subsequent encounter with an unorthodox nun make Malcolm realize he’s not the only person in the world who struggles with the thing he loves most, and now Malcolm must decide: What do you do with a gift you can’t bring yourself to open?  


Lauren Taslitz (Book and Lyrics) and Emily Chiu (Music and Lyrics)

Direction by Steven Eng & Musical Direction by Mark T. Evans.

When Princess Cosabella, a Weaver, and Prince Roy, a Herder, are married, they promise their fathers that, after a brief honeymoon on Earth, they will return to their jobs in The Kingdom of the Stars. But newlyweds will forget and Kings will punish. Will Cosabella and Roys’ love withstand the test, and will the rest of the universe survive? You Gave Me A Sheep considers whether, even in a fairy tale, true love has its limits.

2015: Discover New Musicals

December 7, 2015 at the 47th Street Theater



Marcus Yi (Writer/Lyricist/Composer)

A story of two flappers that break into an abandoned theatre, but only one will survive the night.

Direction by Billy Bustamonte, Musical Direction by Cheeyoung Kim, Stage Management by Chelsea Olivia Friday

Featuring: Michelle Cabinian & Carol Angeli



Marella Martin Koch (Writer/Lyricist) Jonathan Fadner (Composer)

When the man in the moon enters the lives of a young and successful upper west side couple, they all begin to discover love isn't quite what they all thought it was.

Steven Eng, Director, Mark T Evans, Musical Director, Andy Danh, Stage Manager, Featuring:

Kennedy Kanagawa, Lisa Helmi Johanson, Sam Simahk



Brandon Michael Lowden (Writer/Lyricist), Minjoung Hwang (Composer)

Gaby kicks for the Barnesville High School football team, but can a girl play in the championship? Female athletes of the 1990s navigate this courtroom drama.

Musical Director, Akane Ugaki, Director, Makiko Shibuya, Associate Director & Stage Manager, Featuring: Lora Nicolas, Stephanie Mieko Cohen. Kimberly Chatterjee, Kendyl Ito, Colin Miyamoto, Eric Badique, Gerard Salvador, Olivia Braza


Kate Chadwick (Writer/Lyricist), Edison Hong (Composer)

Chef Bridget Samson is chasing after her dream of winning an international cooking title. What happens when ambition stops her from fully living her life? 

Nina Zoie Lam, Director, Darius Smith, Musical Director, Francis Eric Montesa, Stage Manager

Featuring: Loresa Lanceta, Garett Taketa, Austin Ku, Rebecca Larkin, Jensen Austria Olaya, Viet Vo, Kavin Panmeechao, Hyemi Kim

2014: Discover New Musicals

December 1st, 7:30PM at the Puerto Rican Traveling Theatre


Marcus Yi  (Writer/Lyricist/Composer)


Featuring: Andy Danh, Brian Jose, Sam Simahk



Timothy Huang  (Writer/Lyricist/Composer)


Featuring: Eric Badique, Brian Kim McCormick, Diana Huey



Christine Toy Johnson (Writer/Lyricist), Michael Mott  (Composer)

Featuring: Mel Maghuyop, Hazel Raymundo, Anne Fraser Thomas



Azusa Fujikua (Writer/Lyricist/Composer)


Featuring: Eric Bondoc, Kiet Tai Cao, Robyn DeGuzman, Kennedy Kanagawa, Anthea Neri, Kevin Schuering, Justin Senense, Laura Yen Solito, Adrienne Tang, Isabelle Van Vleet

2013: Discover New Musicals

December 2nd, 7:30PM at the Puerto Rican Traveling Theatre


Timothy Huang (Writer/Lyricist/Composer)

Featuring:Jaygee Macapugay, Enrico Rodriguez, Hansel Tan, EJ Zimmerman


Christine Toy Johnson (Writer/Lyricist), Jason Ma (Lyricist/Composer)

Featuring: Ali Ewoldt, Manu Narayan, Thom Sesma


Julia Gytri (Writer/Lyricist), Yan Li (Composer)

Featuring: Manna Nichols, Sam Simahk, Thom Sesma


Derek P. Hassler (Writer/Lyricist), Landon Braverman (Composer)

Featuring: Daniel Edwards, Gen Parton Shin

Originally produced in 2008 by Prospect Theater Company as a full production, this concert version reunited some of the original cast, who are familiar to NAAP audiences, including Raul Aranas, Karl Josef Co, Steven Eng, Diana Huey, Brian Jose, Whit K. Lee, Mel Maghuyop, Manna Nichols, Scott Watanabe, and EJ Zimmerman (some of whom were recently featured in The King and I and Allegiance on Broadway). Members of the NAAP Broadway Community Chorus Ya Han Chang, Andy Danh, David Eng, Francine Espiritu, Natsuko Hirano, Kennedy Kanagawa, Karin Kawamoto, Jung Kim, Yuko Kudo, Colin Miyamoto, Nathan Napier, Andrew Sakaguchi,  Riza Takahashi, Sam Tanabe, Isabelle Van Vleet, Viet Vo, and students from NAAP's PS124 Theatre Club were also included in the company.

5th Anniversary Gala: 2015 

October 5, 2015: This one night only benefit gala was supervised by directors Baayork Lee and Richard Jay-Alexander along with a cast of over 100, with direction and choreography by Broadway friends and supporters including Lee Roy Reams & Margo Sappington.. With musical supervision by Broadway Musical Director Kevin Stites, costume design by Jimm Halliday and lighting & sound design by Matt Berman, National Asian Artists Project celebrated its 5th Anniversary showcasing the work of Asian-American theatre artists through performance, outreach and educational programming at NYU Skirball Center for the Performing Arts with an evening featuring a line-up of show-stopping wall-to-wall musical numbers from Broadway shows, highlights from past NAAP productions and current material, as well as what Baayork Lee hopes to stage in the future.

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Rediscover 2014: Oliver!

June 5, 2014 at the Romulus Linney Courtyard Theatre The Pershing Square Signature Center

National Asian Artists Project (NAAP) presented the classic Charles Dickens musical, OLIVER! as part of the Re-Discover Series. With book, music and lyrics by Lionel Bart, OLIVER! has become one of the most popular musicals in the world. NAAP presented the London version of this show under the direction of Steven Eng and choreography by Baayork Lee. Starring Raul Aranas as Fagin, Anthea Neri as Nancy and Bonale Zohn Fambrini as Oliver.

The company singing Oom-Pah-Pah

The company singing Oom-Pah-Pah

Rediscover 2013: Hello Dolly!

On April 29, 2013 and May 6, 2013 NAAP proudly presented the wildly entertaining classic, Hello Dolly, for its third presentation of the NAAP Rediscover Series, which explores classic works of the theatre with professional artists of Asian descent. Presented at The Pershing Square Signature Center’s Irene Diamond Stage on 42nd Street, this production was directed by Lee Roy Reams and starred Christine Toy Johnson as Dolly. We were honored to have in attendance at these performances, Nick Wyman (President of Actors Equity Assoc.) and Sarge Aborn (Tams-Witmark) among others. Once again this performance proves that great pieces of theatre speak to all communities. 

Professional Asian-American actors in the classic musical comedy Hello, Dolly! in the heart of NYC's theatre district? Naturally! After all, this great American musical is for all Americans, and National Asian Artists Project gave it a new and unique voice.  With a cast of 20 of some of NY's most talented Asian-American actors who have appeared on Broadway, Off-Broadway, and throughout the U.S., this was an important step in opportunities for Asian-American actors to demonstrate that a great show only needs great people. Directed by Lee Roy Reams (director of the 1995 Carol Channing Broadway revival), this was an event not to miss.

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