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NAAP is proud to thank its charitable foundations for their support:

ART New York

NYSCA-A-A.R.T/New York Creative Opportunity fund

NYC Cultural Affairs

New York State of Opportunities Council on the Arts

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We use Paypal to process credit card donations.

You are not required to create or have a Paypal account to donate online.  see more >

Individual Team Members and Benefactors

Chairman’s Club
($10,000 +)

Richard Aftanas

Alex Volckhausen, Tiger Baron Foundation
Elliott and Cathy Masie

Producer's Club
0 - $9,999)

Victor and Lucy Kan

Jason Ma

Peter Pileski

Robert Pullen

Director’s Club
($3,000 - $4,999)

Broadway Cares

Joey Chancey

Lori Tan Chinn

Rocky and May Chin

Steven Eng

Richard Jay-Alexander

Valerie Lau-Kee

Baayork Lee

Daphne Mon

Virginia Wing

Linda Lew Woo

Club ($1,500 - $2,999)

Gene Castle

Theresa Chan

Linda Schutzer Collins

Gregory Ho and Linda Sanchez

JoAnn Hunter

Karin Kawamoto

Kathryn Keneally

Eric Kivnick

Auchee Lee

Mae Wong

Creative Team
($750 - $1,499)

Deborah Chan

Donald Chu

David Eng

James and Marcia Flock

Audrey Kajumbula, Manhattan School of Music/Alpha Psi Omega

Henry Lui

Maile Oravitz

Ellen Rusconi

Ellen Schlaefer

Ron Spivak

Jerry Udell

Janice Won and Raymond Won

Vicki Yee

Melmie Young

Individual Giving


National Asian Artists Project recognizes that there can be no truly successful not-for-profit without the support of individuals. It is with the individual in mind that the mission is pursued and that change on a large scale takes place.

A substantial portion of programming and operation is financed through donations, and the success of reaching out and affecting communities happens because people give.  Please consider offering a donation to enable NAAP to continue its mission.

Design Team
($250 - $749)

Julie Azuma

Eymard Cabling

Terri and Steve Chan

Ted Chapin

Peggy Chin

Jamie deRoy

Geraldine Diamond

Samantha Duthler

Luke Frazier, The American Pops Orchestra

James A. Gerald

Cindy S. Fukui Gim

Alice Hom

Timothy Huang

Marvin Kahan

Susan Kikuchi

Phillip LaDuca

Julia Lee

Henry Lee

Chester Lee

Larry Lee

PJ Litman

Susan Lysaght

Elma Moy

Claire Park

Lisa Pate

Terence Rodia

Molly Smith

Jane Soudavar

Andrew Winans

Meow Yee

Linda Zweig

Cast Team

Monica Ayuen

Alyce Gilbert Briggs

Matthew Cecchini

Rose Sue Low Chee

Helen Chen

Cindy Cheung

Atsuko Dachs

Crystal Disbrow

Stephanie Eley

Kimbirdlee Fadner

Elena Cham Fong

Jordan Freed

David Grindrod

Madelaine Gunders

John Higgins

Devin Ilaw

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

Michael Kaplan

Karin and Greg Kayne Kayne

Bonnie Kole

Michelle Kucsma

Peter Kulok

Denis Lambert

Paula Lardiere

Grace Law

Eduardo Jose Ledonio

Jonathan Lee

Jean Lerman

John Martin

Dwight Martin

Glenn Mason

Anita Michael

Susie Ng

Kenneth Ng

Regina Paglia

Josef Pescetto

Lil Rhee

Ellyn C. Roberson

Ellen Schlaefer

Susie Shireman

Steven Sommers

Penny Worth

Harriett Zucker

Crew & NAAPster Team
(up to $99)

Richard Altman

Jennifer Black

Mary Lou Carraher

Karen Chan

Debbie Chatterjee

Wanda Chin

Jean Chow

Carol and Richard Chu

Andrew Cuccaro

Astrid Dangeard

Eric Davis

Mollie Downes

Shirley Eng

Linda Goodman

Ron Guarnieri

John Herin

Cassandra Hlong

Dena Humphrey

Marian Hyun

Jennifer Jolivet

Alex Lawrence

Susan Ly

Fan Molly

Margaret Moy

Common Man Musicals

Friends of NAAP

Sophie Oberfield

Cara Reichel

Sean Robbins

David Roberts

Sylvia W. Seid

World of Stage

Helen Sai Kheng Tang

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