NAAP is proud to thank its charitable foundations for their support:

The New York Community Trust Fosdick Fund 

Fidelity Charitable 

Community Trust Ettie Chin Hong Fund

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Individual Team Members and Benefactors

Chairman’s Club ($10,000 +)

Bob Avian & Peter Pileski

Elliott and Cathy Masie
Tong Wi Lee 


Producer's Club ($5,000 - $9,999)

Victor and Lucy Kan

Lower Manhattan Cultural Council,
  New York State Council of the Arts

Director’s Club ($3,000 - $4,999)

Richard Jay-Alexander

Mr. and Mrs. Hiroshi Uchida
Linda Lew Woo


Choreographer’s Club ($1,500 - $2,999)

Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS

Steve and Teresa Chan

Gary Durnan
David Grindrod

Gregory Ho and Linda Sanchez

Karin Kawamoto

Yuriko Kikuchi
Jung Kim & Family

Auchee Lee
Fay Ann Lee

Jason Ma

Larry Lee
Lower Manhattan Cultural Council,
  New York City Department of Cultural Affairs

Woo Family Charitable Foundation

Creative Team ($750 - $1,499)

The New York Community Trust,
  Ettie Chin Hong Fund

Steve Chan

Andrew & Peggy Chin

Lori Tan Chinn

Rockwell Chin

David Eng
Jim & Marcia Flock

Miriam Fond

Darrell Hankey
Victor & Lucy Kan

Kathy Keneally and Tom Marshall

Karin Kawamoto
Susan Kikuchi & Eric Kivnick
Elaine Lai
Chester & Rosanna Lee

Napoleon & Adele Munsayac

Network for Good (Anonymous)

Ellen Rusconi

Jerry and Rebecca Rosenbaum

Neal A. Stone
Masashi Ugaki

Richard and Mel Young

Design Team ($250 - $749)

Ageloff & Associates

Monica Ayuen
Andy Beu

Brian Brake

Gene Castle

Teresa & Steve Chan

Amanda Chin

Andrew Chin

Donald Chu, Poyee Tai,
    Tronex International Team

Kathy Eng

Steven Eng

Emily Gaunt

Cindy Fukui Gim

Michael Gorman

Theresa Grajo

Tomoka Higuchi,

   Broadway Dance Center-Tokyo

Larry, Karen & Kendyl Ito

Mike Kaplan

Bill and Rose Tan Kaung

Andrew Kim

James Laev

Cathy Liang

Lynn Martindale

Yuen-yee Ma

Ugaki Masashi

Daphne Mon

Daniel Moy

Thomas Murray

Jose Rivera

Ellen Schlaefer

Steven and Betty Terry

Hui J Woo

Individual Giving


National Asian Artists Project recognizes that there can be no truly successful not-for-profit without the support of individuals.  It is with the individual in mind that the mission is pursued and that change on a large scale takes place.

A substantial portion of programming and operation is financed through donations, and the success of reaching out and affecting communities happens because people give.  Please consider offering a donation to enable NAAP to continue its mission.

Cast Team ($100—$249)

Adrian Bailey
Karin Baker
Stephen Baumann

D. Birchall
Luanne Castle
Ted & Jo Anna Chapin

Mary Ng Chan

Tisa Chang

Peter Chernack

Amy Chin
Teresa Coffman

Ako Dachs

Linda Schutzer Collins
Linda & Gary Collins

First Giving
Frank Conway
Atsuko Dachs

Patti D'Beck
Susan Dooha
Helen Erickson

Sandra Faabeng

Jonathan and Kimbirdlee Fadner
Priscilla Lopez Fanuele

Larry Fuller
William Gilinsky

Giving Fund
Ivy Goldstein

Madelaine Gund

Maddy & Steve Gunders

John Haggerty

Mitzi Hamilton

Frederic Hanson

Linda Hayashi

Ann Harada

Constance Harcar
Greg Harris & Marian Hyun

Karen Huie
Dena Humphrey

Jeanne M. Jackson

Finis Jhung

Y. Lynne Johnston

Paula M. Lardiere

Michael Kaplan

Walter Kikuchi

Sue and Dan Kobin

Helen Koh

Marilyn & Julian Korn
Michelle Kucsma

Michael Lawton

Karen Lee
Jean Lerman
Cathy Liang

Lysaght-Michael Family

Laurence Maslon

Caroline Magoulias
Anita Michael

Marcia Metzgar

Hitomi Musa

Amy Ng
Marc Oka
Victoria Racimo

Ellyn C, Roberson
Richard Schwartz
Atsuhisa Shinomiya

Scott Starrett

Hiroya Takashima

Marie Tanabe

Nancy Tom

Viet Vo
Barbara Walsh

Burton White

Daryl Wickstrom
Amy Wu

Jennifer Wu
Marcus Yi

Harriet Zucker

Crew & NAAPster Team (up to $99)

Charles Abbott
Ramon & Judy Balagot

Sirisha Bellam

Dev Bondarin
Olivia Braza

Mary Chan

Deanna Choi

Deborah Drucker
Shirley Eng

Sandra Faabeng
George Fulginiti-Shakar
Elaine Gim

Angela Green

Mary Hall

John Herin

Jeffries, LLC
Katie Lee Hill
Elaine Lee Hoo
Robert Karp

Lauri Kraft 

Yuko Kudo

Nina Zoie Lam

Alexander Lawrence

Yinghao Lin

John & Rosemary Lee

Vicky Lee

Arthur & Sabrina Lerman

Jessica Livingston
Henry Lui

Anna Lynch

Brooke Magalis

J. Elaine Marcos

Marella Martin
Alice Mathias
Debbie Mills

Alan J. Muraoka
Arthur Niven
Yumiko Oyama

Dan Pardo

Diane Phelan
Charissa Pingenot

David Roberts
Gloria Rosenthal

Amy Langer Schwartz

Jose Simbulan

Colleen Sproull

Leslie Sturt

Bill & Rose Tang

Lauren Taslitz
Chihiro Terasaki

Robert Tunstall
Kenneth W. Urmston

Helen Vercio

Luke Winter

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National Asian Artists Project (NAAP) is a community of artists, educators, administrators, community leaders, and professionals. It is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization that recognizes the need to build bridges between the work of artists of Asian descent, and the many communities that the work can serve, from underserved primary school students to seasoned arts patrons.