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Master Classes, Fundraisers And Other Events


Beginning with our launch event in 2009, NAAP has continued to create fun and productive gatherings for the community that have included pure entertainment, as well as master classes taught by well-respected industry professionals, including Broadway music directors, and founding member Baayork Lee, whose master classes in dance have become a "can't miss" event. 

Michael Lavine Chorus Master Class

Michael Lavine, vocal coach to the stars, worked with the NAAP Chorus for 3 hours on Tuesday, August 20th. The chorus learned two Broadway numbers, "Saddle of the Horse" from the show "On the 20th Century" and "Godspeed" from the show "Titanic." 

NAAP Sing-Along Chorus

As part of its community outreach mission, NAAP has regularly hosted a sing-a-long chorus that specifically caters to the local Chinatown community.

Dance Workshop

On October 22, 2011, Baayork held a NAAP Dance Workshop at Chelsea Studios in NYC, offering a fun and exciting training opportunity for professionals and non-professionals. All photos by Michael Seto.

NAAP Launch

On October 5, 2009, National Asian Artists Project officially launched with a soiree that included numerous well-established New York theatre artists and patrons as well as New York City community leaders.

Getting to Know NAAP

On November 14, 2011, we hosted GETTING TO KNOW NAAP, an event to share our goals and endeavors with our friends, old and new. The evening showcased samplings of NAAP’s previous works in New York on professional stages as well as in the schools. Following the presentation was food, drink, and camaraderie, as well as the chance for NAAP to listen and learn what our supporters had to say about their own visions toward our mutual mission. All photos by Eric Bondoc.

The Triple Threat Workshop

Baayork Lee teaches professionals singing, dancing and acting in 2009


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