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For professionals, maintenance and growth are needed to continually perform at a high level. For amateur and future artists, training develops sensibilities and craft that enable them to feel a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. For audiences and patrons, education in the arts enables them to better understand what is required in the creation of artistic work. Knowledge of specific crafts enables audiences to appreciate and discover their own roles in the arts as well as the role the arts can play in their own lives. Arts education for children also builds an awareness of self and self-expression. The earlier children develop an artistic sense, the earlier they see the possibilities in their futures.

National Asian Artists Project's (NAAP) Theatre Club from PS124 attended iTheatrics' Junior Theatre Festival on January 16 and 17, 2016, in Atlanta, GA. At this year's festival the group performed selections from "Music Man, Jr." and received the Excellence in Ensemble award for their performance. The group was also asked to perform alongside other select groups on the main stage Saturday evening in the Broadway JR New Works Showcase. 

This year's Theater Club included Troy Burnett, Kaitlyn Chan, Evelyn Fok, Elizabeth Gu, Phoebe He, Samantha Hua, Andy Huang, Anita Jung, Avery Law, Hannah Lee, Laura Leong, Jonathan Leung, Brian Lin, Katrina Lin, Michelle On, Cherokee Pat, Dakota Pat, Natalie Sang, Nicole Tang, Rorie Taylor, Aaron Wang, Caitlin Wong, Aden Zhao, and Alexander Zhu. Directed by Kyle Garvin, Choreography by Francine Espiritu, and Musical Direction by Ryan Olsen.

On Sunday Jonathan Leung and Michelle On were part of a special performance celebrating 20 years of Broadway Junior. They performed the song "Do You Love Me" from "Fiddler on The Roof, Jr."

Jonathan Leung and Michelle On in Fiddler on the Roof, Jr.
Aaron Wang and Anita Jung, group All-Stars

Aaron Wang and Anita Jung were selected as our group's All-Stars this year and performed "Children will Listen" from "Into the Woods" with over 100 other All-Stars on the main stage at Sunday's Awards Ceremony.

Congratulations to the PS124 Theatre Club on all their hard work and dedication! 

PS124 Theatre Club is hard at work this spring in preparation for their performance of the full Aladdin Kids show. This will be held at PS124 in Chinatown on Division Street this June. Stay tuned for more information on the performance date and time!

The students of the PS124 Theatre Club attended the Junior Theatre Festival Competition in Atlanta, GA this past January. The performed selection from Aladdin Kids and were awarded “Outstanding Production” for their performance. The Junior Theatre Festival is a wonderful opportunity for students to connect and socialize with other students who are passionate about musical theatre. While at the festival, students attend numerous workshops to expand their knowledge and skills.

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